COVID 19 Patient Information

In line with government policy and British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) guidelines, I’ve introduced
a number of important protocols, and I just wanted to set out what these are so that you know
what to expect when you come for a treatment.


1. Risk Assessments
Each clinic has undergone a thorough risk assessment according to BAcC guidelines.

2. Patient Screening
All patients are asked to sign a Health Information and Consent Form prior to their first treatment
(view and download here). Thereafter, all patients are contacted by text or email prior to each subsequent
treatment to confirm that, as far as they can be sure, they remain free of Covid symptoms.

3. Minimising contact
In order to minimise contact, appointments for new patients are split into two parts with Part 1
being a diagnosis conducted via Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp; Part 2 is the treatment itself.
Alternative arrangements can be made if you’re unable to access social media.

4. Treatment spacing
I allow 15 mins between each patient in order to air the room and sanitise as required.

5. Hygiene
All touch points, surfaces and equipment are sanitised between each patient: this includes door
handles, sanitiser pump, couch, bolster, card reader and all wipeable surfaces. Pillow cases and
couch roll are replaced after each patient.

6. Ventilation
Windows are left sufficiently open to create a flow of fresh air throughout treatment but you will be
kept warm with heat lamps and towels. Please bring your own blanket if it’s particularly cold.


1. On arrival, please
• Wait in your car until I wave you in, or text me if at Combe Down Surgery
• Remove all jewellery and don’t bring unnecessary items into the treatment room
• Wear loose clothing
• Allow me to open and close doors
• Bring your own mask
• Bring your own blanket if it’s cold

2. During treatment, please
• Sanitise your hands on arrival & departure
• Wear your mask throughout treatment
• Observe appropriate mask hygiene: once sanitised, do not touch your mask
• Observe appropriate sneeze/cough hygiene: use a tissue or the crook of your elbow

3. Payment
Please pay online, prior to your appointment. If this isn’t possible, I also accept debit card payments, or cheques/cash in an envelope.